is a web-based creative resource for EVERYONE! Whether you're a Hollywood producer looking for your next big script or score, or a loving friend looking for an original gift for someone special, can take your project from the consulting stage straight through to a finished product. Need to contract, outsource, or have a single contact to manage an entire project or department? You're in the right place. Do you have an idea, but no idea of how to make it materialize? …a show, but need it refined? …a concept that needs development in all areas? …a curiosity in a different kind of investment opportunity in theater, film, & the arts? can make all these things possible with no stress on your end.

You can have a song written for your wife, whip your artist into shape for a tour, prepare for an important audition, create a concept album for your developing show, shop your film, create the perfect voiceover for your radio or TV advertisement, partner with a writer on a new T.V. pilot, contract top industry musicians for a special event, book a band, orchestra, or entire multi-media spectacle, or hire the entire creative team for your concert or show. The possibilities go on and on.

Founder & creative director, Charles Czarnecki , will consult you on your project and find the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to turn your creative idea into a tangible and practical, finished product. And if tangible and practical are not for you, he'll help you to go in whatever direction your heart desires.

Consultations can be arranged through e-mail, on the phone, on Skype, or in person.

Can't wait to hear about your project!

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